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The Best 5 AR Smart Glasses


5 AR Glasses in the World You Can Have Right Now
Oh yes, for those of you who don"t know that AR stands for Augmented Reality. With this tool, it can make the digital world seem to exist in the real world. Examples that have adapted AR technology, there are Pokemon Go games.
Without lingering, here are the 5 AR Glasses in the world that you can have right now

1. Microsoft Hololens
The first came from the owner of the Windows operating system, namely Microsoft Hololens. Jaka see, the price is the most expensive on the market today. Even so, the development was truly extraordinary. You can see project examples with these AR glasses on Youtube.
Price range: IDR 42 million

2. Google Glass
Next comes from the largest search engine company in the world, namely Google Glass. The design is far more compact than Microsoft Hololens, making it suitable for carrying everywhere. Using the Android operating system, it will make it compatible with our smartphone.
Price range: 14 million

3. Sony SmartEyeglass
The next one is the Playstation game console company, namely Sony SmartEyeGlass. It has an amazing battery life. It is claimed that by using the camera continuously, it can last for two and a half hours.
Price Range: 12 Millions

4. Epson Moverio BT-200
Next from the Japanese company again, the Epson Moverio BT-200. Has a sharp resolution on these AR glasses, which is 960x540-pixel on each lens. Also supported with cable connections for controls that are far more flexible.
Price range: 10 million

5. Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses
Furthermore, it was predicted as the strongest competitor for Google Glass, namely the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. Equipped with 4GB of internal storage, making many Android applications that can be stored. The default camera is also sharp, which is 5MP.
Price range: 14 million

Wow, technology is really advancing, now, digital names can blend with the real world. How do you think about this, what number are the coolest AR glasses? Share with Jaka, thank you.
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